A Welcome Message from the Chairman


NBAC was founded in 2012 and now an established business network organization in Cyprus. Our quarterly member meetings are always well attended by Cypriots as well as Norwegian business people. Cyprus has during the same time period experienced and overcome its worst financial crisis, which bodes well both for doing business in Cyprus as well as for NBAC’s future activities on the island.

NBAC is now focusing its resources to further develop sustainable business opportunities between the two countries. The Oil & Gas service industry is of course very important in the context. There should also be possible for Cyprus companies to export more corporate service products to Norwegian business. Cyprus tourism with the sun shining all year around must also offer business opportunities both within the hospitality and the real estate business.

Both countries are small players at the edge of the European continent and have to fight hard for its right to do business abroad. Let share our experiences in this respect and make the most of it!

Looking forward to seeing you at our events.

Jens Andreas Wilhelmsen
NBAC Chairman