Individual Membership

This type of membership is open to Norwegian and Cypriot nationals or individual of other nationalities with an interest in the trade opportunities between Norway and Cyprus. The Individual membership is owned by the individual. Therefore, an Individual member can choose to be listed in the NBAC directory by name but without a company affiliation. The annual Individual membership fee is €100.00

    I understand that the collection of these details is primarily for the purposes of registering me as a member of the Norwegian Business Association in Cyprus (NBAC). I hereby declare my interest for membership and give my consent for the NBAC to process my personal data for the purposes of managing by membership and sending me communications, and

    I understand that my eventual application shall be considered provided that I fulfil all commitments, in accordance with the NBAC’s Articles of Association to become a member, and

    I consent to my name and contact details being inserted in the member section of the website and being publicly available to visitors of the website (if no consent is provided the NBAC will refrain from posting these details on the website).