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December 2014 _ NBAC Christmas Lunch

NBAC hosted its Christmas party at ‘Ibsen Tea and Coffee house’ in Limassol. Our members had the chance to enjoy the traditional Norwegian food and drinks (this event happens to be quite popular among Norwegians in other countries!).

The buffet included glogg (gluhwein) followed by sild (herring), smoked salmon, gravid lax, turkey, smoked ham, ribbe, fenalar, spekeskinke and traditional sausage and not to forget Norwegian aquavit

A Welcome speech was given by the Chairman of NBAC, Jens Wilhelmsen, followed by a speech from Harald Hvalvik, General Manager of Jotun Hellas & Jotun Cyprus.

We hope our members enjoyed the party and the Norwegian food and drinks!

NBAC wish Merry Christhmas to all of its members!