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June 2015 _ Ambassador Sjur Larsen Presentation / Farewell

On Wednesday 10th of June 2015, NBAC successfully hosted a meeting at the Yacht Club restaurant, Limassol Marina, where the Norwegian Ambassador of Greece and Cyprus Mr Sjur Larsen gave a very interesting presentation along with a ‘farewell speech’. In his presentation Mr Sjur Larsen commented on the bilateral relations of Cyprus and Norway, on the reunification process as well as on oil and gas opportunities and prospects.

Sjur Larsen´s speech briefly covered the positive diplomatic outcome of his four years serving as Ambassador in Greece and Cyprus and emphasised on the optimistic view for a more fruitful cooperation in the future. The presentation was followed by a ‘thankful speech’ from the chairman of NBAC Mr Jens A. Wilhelmsen. Mr Jens A. Wilhelmsen sincerely expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador for the support expressed on NBAC during his entire stay.

NBAC members and their guests had the opportunity to express their views on the presented topics, make comments and ask questions which were answered by the Ambassador.

The Ambassador´s presentation was preceded by lunch which was a great opportunity for NBAC members and their guest to socialize and network. Overall, the meeting was a great success and contributed to the further development of relations between Cyprus and Norway businessmen.