neo March 19, 2016 No Comments

NBAC members listed in the “40+ Foreign Leaders in Cyprus” of the Gold Magazine

In its latest list, Gold Magazine features 43 successful foreign leaders based in Cyprus who responded positively to its request for information. 
Amongst those leaders, Jens Wilhelmsen, Chairman of NBAC, and Ole Werring, member of the Executive Committee of NBAC are included in the list. Also included is Bjorn Tore Larsen of OSM Group, a corporate member of NBAC. Bjorn Tore Larsen is the Founder and Chairman of OSM Group. 
According to Gold Magazine, the list  includes no fewer than 23 different nationalities, including those one might expect (British, Russian, German) as well as others that may surprise (Latvian, Indian, Palestinian). In fact, in addition to these, our list includes Dutch, Norwegian, Israeli, Slovakian, Finnish, American, Belarusian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Belgian, Greek, French, Czech, Irish, Canadian, Italian and South African citizens.
You can see the full list at