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Privatisation Limassol Port now official

The Presidential Palace will host the first contract signing with regards to the new operations of the Limassol Port on Monday, April 25 – a move seen as the first definitive step towards its privatisation.

According to In Cyprus, the new operator is due to upgrade the port with investments in infrastructure and superstructure, such as modern equipment, better cranes, sea operations and terminal expansions.

The three contracts will be signed by Communications Minister Marios Demetriades and members of the consortium.

The government hopes to increase profits by €100million per year following prickly negotiations with international lenders Troika and amidst strikes and protests from the port workers.


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Our new website is now live!

NBAC is pleased to announce that its new website has now gone live.

The new website brings with it a great new look and new facilities. It has been designed to make it easier for users to navigate around the site and access the resources quickly and easily.

Highlights of the new website include:

  • Online application for Individual or Corporate membership
  • Improved members’ section with enhanced presentation of our Corporate members
  • Full integration with NBAC social media pages, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Quick members’ subscription for the NBAC newsletters
  • Easy and quick online registration for NBAC upcoming events

In the future, we also plan to introduce an online payment function that will make it easier for our members to settle their annual membership through our website.

We do hope that you find the new website both appealing and useful and we welcome your feedback.

Please feel free to send us any comments you have via the Contact Us link on the website.

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NBAC strenghtens its presence in social media

In an effort to strengthen the communication with its members, NBAC has created its own pages in social media, particularly in Linkedin and Facebook.

NBAC aims at using its social media pages as an online forum of discussions between its members related to on-going business matters and keeping its members updated about daily news as well as upcoming events of our Association.

NBAC kindly invites its members to join our pages in Linkedin and Facebook.

Stay connected with us!

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April 2016 _ UN’s peacekeeping force in Cyprus – its present and future role

On Tuesday 12 April 2016, the Norwegian Business Association in Cyprus (NBAC) hosted an event at Amathus Hotel in Limassol titled: “UN’s peacekeeping force in Cyprus – its present and future role”. The event was attended by 60 members and guests of NBAC.

The topic was presented by the Major General Kritin Lund, the Force Commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping in Cyprus and a serving general in the Norwegian Army. Born in 1958, Major General Lund has over 34 years of military service and is the first woman ever to serve as Force Commander in a United Nations peacekeeping operation.

The event was opened by the Chairman of NBAC, Jens A. Wilhelmsen, thanking at first the Major General Kristin Lund for accepting the invitation from NBAC to present on the role of UN in Cyprus and secondly acknowledging the efforts and importance of UN presence in Cyprus in safeguarding peace in the island. In his short introductory speech, Mr. Wilhelmsen announced to the participants the lunch of the new website of NBAC. Mr. Wilhelmsen explained that the development of the new website was initiated to further strengthen the Association’s operations for the benefit of its members and provide an even more dynamic tool of communicating with its members and the public in general.

Following Mr. Wilhelmsen’s opening speech, Major General Kristin Lund presented on the structure, organisation and activites of the UN  in Cyprus. The main message from the Major General ‘s presentation was the continuous efforts of the UN in supporting the two sides for a comprehensive settlement. She highlighted the efforts and initiatives taken by both leaders and the these are greatly welcomed by the UN. However, she emphasised the high level of work that remains to be done if this window of opportunity is to lead to lasting peace. She concluded that UN will remain committed to assisting the two sides in achieving the aspiration of both leaders to reach their shared goal of united federal Cyprus for all

In the end of the presentation, participants have been given the opportunity to ask several questions which have been addressed by the Major General. The event was followed by a cocktail gathering for all the participants.

This was great event, with a great speaker on a very interesting topic for Cyprus.

The event was generously sponsored by: